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Sustainability at Dussmann Food Services

Our vision and mission

As your partner in catering and a family company, we believe we bear particular responsibility for our fellow humans and the natural world. That’s why we are committed to doing our part to protect the climate while offering our customers the very best in local dining enjoyment. We view the challenges facing us as opportunities and draw on them as a source of creativity and innovation.

Added value through services

  • Efficient waste management
  • Reduced packaging
  • Partnership with Food Sustainability Network - Politecnico di Milano
  • Organic and fair trade products 
  • Local supply chains, streamlined logistics
  • All aspects of sustainability incorporated into our food promotions in corporate dining

Sustainability made by Dussmann

Maintaining a livable climate and local dining enjoyment come first in everything we do. As a family company and your partner in catering, we believe we bear particular responsibility for our fellow humans and the natural world. Beyond that, we view the challenges facing us as opportunities and draw on them as a source of creativity and innovation. This is our vision as we embark on plans for future stability and establish the topics of sustainability and enjoyment as the standards in catering. Every word of our catering vision is based on action fields that help us aim for the right goals. To develop these fields, we surveyed employees, external partners, and diners and considered the changing overall societal context.


We use mainly fish from sustainable fisheries or responsible fish farming. That’s why Dussmann has MSC and ASC certification. This gives us the right to use these logos to point our diners toward sustainable products from certified fisheries and aquaculture.

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Catering by Dussmann: local and seasonal

We believe only the very best items should wind up on your plate. That’s why we are extremely stringent when it comes to the quality of our foods. We use only iodized salt, use sugar as sparingly as possible, and use exclusively canola or olive oil. We also use no preservatives, hydrogenated fats, or flavor enhancers.

We are also careful to ensure high nutrient density in all our foods. That means a wealth of vitamins, minerals and protein, but not much fat.

Organic, local, and seasonal – the right combination for your menu

Organic options are standard in all our menus. They are labeled accordingly.
Overview of our organic options:

  • All milk, potatoes, rice, eggs, herbs, and spices are organic
  • Crooked organic vegetables rescued in partnership with Querfeld
  • More than two satisfying organic vegetable side dishes every week
  • Organic vinegar and oil for the
  • Fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and cold cuts primarily sourced locally
  • 10–15 % of all products we purchase are organic
  • Local eggs from free range chickens
  • Fish and fish products primarily from MSC-certified sources
  • Coffee, tea, and chocolate products primarily fair trade
  • Upon request, 100 % certified organic foods used
HACCP control with kitchen manager and controller


In food hygiene, we work according to our HACCP concept. This efficient control system guarantees the utmost in food safety and hygiene throughout the production process. This requires end-to-end documentation and regular HACCP audits performed by an independent hygiene institute.

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Dussmann Food Services

So much more than sustainability

Dussmann provides versatile and sustainable services in the food services sector. Here we supply a wide range of facilities - from coffee bars to full catering, from daycare centers to hospitals. Together with our clients, we turn services into tailor-made solutions.