Surgical kit sterilization by Steritalia

Safety for patients and healthcare professionals

Dussmann  through the owned company Steritalia SpA, provides rental and sterilization of surgical kit instruments. 
Steritalia, owner of international patents of method and process, offers an innovative service for the management of surgical instruments, aware that new technologies and a more modern organization can contribute to the improvement of quality and security in the health care sector. 

Added value through our services

  • Safety for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Immediate availability of kits 
  • SteriTrack - software for the tracing of surgical instruments
  • Reduction of professional risks for healthcare operators
  • Efficiency and cost saving

All the sets are CE marked

The sets are supplied sterile, ready to use, accompanied by the required documentation, allocated in solid metal containers and protected by an exclusive and patented packaging.
Steritalia develops the entire cyclic reconditioning process by applying rigorous procedures of decontamination, washing, maintenance and/or replacement, packaging, sterilization, packaging and labelling.
The industrial production process in the Steritalia plants reaches the levels of certification necessary to affix the CE marking on each sterile kit treated, in accordance with Regulation 93/42/EEC - Annex II - governing the production of Sterile Medical Devices.

Our surgical sterilization services: an overview 

The sterilization activities in 5 phases:

  • Reception area
  • Decontamination
  • Counting and washing 
  • Reassembly
  • Packaging

More about sterilization in details

This is the area where Steritalia receives the surgical kits. The containers are transported to Steritalia by a special truck used for the transport of surgical instruments.

Each container is dedicated to specific types of surgery and each set is tracked thank to STERITRACK, a software designed and patented specifically for Steritalia. In the red area, all patient surgery data and notes on the performance of the surgical instruments are recorded.

The first decontamination is carried out immediately after use, in the orange zone of Steritalia surgical instruments are decontaminated for the second time, if deemed necessary.  All equipment in this sterilization zone is placed between the contaminated and clean zone. All surgical instruments then move on to the next steps.

The Yellow area is dedicated to the cleaning and counting of the surgical instruments. All instruments, after a visual inspection, are processed in the washing machine (a Thermal chemo disinfecting washing machine which utilizes high temperature and a chemical solution to reduce levels of bacteria. The personnel who work in the contaminated area are adequately protected with personal protective equipment, surgical masks, surgical scrubs, protective coveralls, cotton gloves and cut resistant gloves (DPI).

This area is dedicated to reassembling, recounting and checking the surgical instruments and packing the kits in their containers. All surgical instruments are checked scrupulously by operators. The process is complete when the steam reaches 134° degrees centigrade. Before the containers are put in the autoclave, they are weighed with a high precision scale. Every morning, for each autoclave, a Bowie and Dick test, helix test for the hollow tubs and vacuum tests are done. Every day we also do biological tests on all 3 autoclaves.

This area is dedicated to printing the tracking and traceability documents and ddts. The documents that are printed are: patient list, instructions for the use of the medical device, documents relating to the CE and a photograph of the contents of the set. For each kit a unique batch number is printed to allow the complete tracking. The containers are put and closed into the transportation cart, loaded onto trucks and delivered to the hospitals.


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