Facility services for food industry by Dussmann

Effective and safe services for food industry

We put our experience in the field of cleaning and deter-disinfection, sanitization and civil and plant maintenance, also at the service of food processing, dairy, agri-food, bakery and pastry, catering and gastronomy, oenology and beverages industries.

We offer a timely and effective service, in line with the requirements of hygienic safety of the plants and speed of execution to avoid unproductive downtime. We are ISO 22000 certified for food safety and our business partners.

How we work with food industry

  • We develop specific sanitation plans by processing area and type of equipment
  • Thanks to our forty years of experience in the field of collective catering, we know perfectly where to act and which products to use
  • We propose plans of management of the virtuous sanifications that positively impact on the management of the activities and the economic plan

  • We use degreasing and disinfectants products to eliminate bacterial load and to counteract the formation of mold and microbial colonies
  • We carry out targeted interventions to maintain high quality standards

  • Analysis of the surfaces to be treated
  • Customized solutions for area and type of treatment
  • Performance optimization
  • Reduced use of water and detergents, in full respect of food safety

  • We have experience in the activities of capillary sanitization, using few products and safe
  • We can intervene on plants quickly and effectively
  • We solve persistent dirt conditions and we operate on worktops, coverings and floors made of different materials
Sustainable building cleaning

Sustainable building cleaning

We also use prepared mop heads and our simple but effective four-color system. This greatly facilitates interior cleaning. In addition, we use our own cleaning products, which underscore our quality standards, along with cleaning equipment that we adjust to the individual needs of the floors.

Our actions are environmentally conscious and sustainable. That’s why we use cleaning products and equipment that are gentle on surfaces and the environment, but that’s not all; our products are also 99 % biodegradable.  

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